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What happens after I am approved for eShoppingLoan?

I’m approved for eShoppingLoan, what should I do next?

Follow these steps to receive your funding:

  1. Top up your Lazada Wallet with the required amount for downpayment.
  2. In the Lazada app/website, select the item you want to buy, click Add to Cart, proceed to Check Out, and select Place Order. Select Lazada Wallet if payment method is required to place order.
  3. Open the pera247 app to verify your Lazada account.

Is there expiration in availing my eShoppingLoan?

Approved eShoppingLoan is valid for 7 days. After which, your loan will be automatically canceled and you will need to apply once again.

Can the item be delivered?

Yes, the item will be delivered by your chosen Lazada delivery partner. The delivery fee is included in the total loan price.

I entered the wrong down payment amount. What should I do?

Please send your request to info@pera247.com so we can edit the downpayment amount in your application.

Can I still cancel my eShoppingLoan?

If your eShoppingLoan is approved and you have not yet signed your Loan Agreement, it will automatically be cancelled after 7 days of inactivity. Once you have signed your Loan Agreement and have purchased your item, you will not be able to cancel your loan application and must pay your dues to be able to close the loan.

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