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How do I opt-in or opt-out of marketing communications?

As a pera247 user, you'll receive two types of notifications.

  • Transactional communications
  • Marketing communications

Transactional communications" are related to a product or service that you have signed up for including loan agreements, payment receipts, payment reminders, and other important messages from pera247.

Marketing communications" are promotional messages sent by pera247 or our affiliates. Should you choose to opt out, you will not receive communications about new products and the latest promotions.

To opt-in or opt-out of "marketing communications", follow the steps below.

Opting in: 

  1. When you register in the pera247 app for the first time, click the marketing consent checkbox on the registration screen.
  2. When you log-in your pera247 account, click the marketing consent checkbox in the prompt that will automatically appear.
  3. Request to receive marketing communications by sending us a message through the Help section of the pera247 app. 

Opting out: 

To opt-out of your chosen marketing communication channel, follow the steps below: 

  • Email - Open an email from pera247, scroll to the bottom and click Unsubscribe. You will be redirected to a page that confirms that you have unsubscribed to pera247 marketing emails. 
  • Other communication channels - Send us a message through the Help Section of the pera247 app requesting to be removed from your selected marketing communication channel. 

The changes will take effect within seven days. If you have tried the steps above and still receive the promotional messages after seven days, please let us know by sending a message through the Help Section of the pera247 app. 

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