Things you can buy to upgrade your child’s online learning experience

Ailene Amaro
Sep 24, 2020
Things you can buy to upgrade your child’s online learning experience

The new normal is something we have yet to familiarize ourselves with. Just a month into this pandemic, that idea seemed like a phase we were asked to prepare for but never really thought would happen. Now it’s here and it’s causing all sorts of inconvenience in getting used to.

One of which is online learning. Before the virus spread, you thought this time you will just be busy prepping your kid for school, have time for yourself and your work, and then wait for them to come home. But because they are now required to learn everything from home, they need all the assistance they can get from you. And you need all the hacks to make this set-up comfortable for everyone in your home.

So, here’s a curated list of items you can purchase online to upgrade your child’s online learning experience.

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Study desk

Kids need their study bubble at home to be able to focus on learning. Having their desk will allow them to separate their rest and play area from their virtual school zone. There are study tables you can purchase online that are easy to set up at home. If this is too taxing for you or if it’s too much of an investment, you can also look at cheaper options such as adjustable laptop side tables that can be wheeled to any space. The cheapest alternative is a foldable laptop tray that can be stacked anywhere after it has been used. It will save you both money and space.


Wall calendar

Your kid needs help in organizing his or her time at home during online schooling days. Unlike in school, there will be no ringing of bells every after period in your home. It will help your child become more productive if his or her schedule and to-do list are posted on the wall. This calendar will act as a reminder to help him or her to keep track of everything. Placing a check beside these tasks or crossing them off the list will also give him or her a sense of accomplishment. There are a lot of wall calendar layouts you can choose from online. Some are in the form of decals that you can stick on your wall using double-sided tape. Others come in ruled whiteboards that can be hanged on walls or set up on top of your desk.

Blue light blocking glasses

The blue light emitted by a digital screen is said to potentially harm the eyes. Because your kid will be looking at it directly for half of the day, he or she might experience eye strain and headaches. It would not hurt to look for eyeglasses that will shield him or her from these harmful rays. These are different from your prescription lenses. However, before purchasing this wellness trend, it’s best to consult your trusted ophthalmologist.

Wireless keyboard

If buying a separate laptop for your kid it too expensive at this time, maximize the tablet’s or phone’s screen by purchasing a wireless keyboard. In using one, the screen keyboard will no longer appear and take up half of the display. This will also help your kid maintain a safe distance from the screen to protect him or her from harmful light emitted by the screen.

Noise-canceling earphones

Studies show that a child can focus on one task in only 4-20 minutes. After that, they tend to get bored or distracted. Surely, their teachers will do everything they can for their pupils to pay attention to an online class. You can make it easier for the teacher and your kid by providing a noise-canceling headphone. It will tune out ambient sounds that might lure your child away from his or her class. This might also help protect your child from hearing damage. Because the unwanted background noise is already blocked out, the volume can already be adjusted to a low level without sacrificing audibility.


Lumbar pillow

Most office chairs are ergonomically designed for adults, buying a new one for your kid might be overwhelming for now. This does not mean, however, that you should sacrifice his or her health. Spending too much time in front of the computer might cause kids to slouch their shoulders and strain their backs. A lumbar pillow will give your child the needed back support. These pillows are usually made of memory foams that conform to the natural curvature of the back. They will help your child in maintaining good posture and preventing muscle fatigue.

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