Seven business ideas for single moms

Nicole Si
Oct 23, 2020
Seven business ideas for single moms

Being a mom isn’t easy–more so if you’re a single parent who has to carry the weight of supporting your family and looking after children. Making ends meet and pushing your finances to stretch from paycheck-to-paycheck may be a constant worry, a feeling that’s familiar to single parents all over the globe. While it’s easier for people with less responsibilities to look for alternative ways to increase their monthly income, you might be less inclined to do so, with little time and energy at your disposal.

You’ve likely heard stories from big and small entrepreneurs alike–running a business isn’t easy. It requires a level of dedication that you might not be ready to shell out. It’s hard enough juggling the demands of raising a toddler and a full-time job–adding an extra burden on your plate doesn’t sound like the most stellar idea. But here’s the thing: as cheesy as it sounds, you’ll never know unless you try.

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Starting a business doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. After all, you don’t need to be the CEO of a major conglomerate to make enough extra money to support your family. Little steps toward a small-scale business are key to expanding your financial boundaries and stopping the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living. Here are seven business ideas that are perfect for busy supermoms.


The internet is a gold mine for launching a business that works around your packed schedule. While your idea of a business might revolve around retail, there are certainly other ways by which you can own a brand without having to deal with product shipments and difficult customers.

For instance, if you’ve got any creative skill in writing, art, music production, and the like, you can start freelancing through sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, which connect you with interested clients. Freelancing allows you to control your schedule and how much work you add to your plate while building a steady network of connections. Once you’ve established yourself as a reliable freelancer, it’ll be easier to create a personal website and brand, where you can offer the same creative services for a higher cost. The network you’ve built will be your initial client base, expanding through word-of-mouth or marketing efforts.

Alternatively, you can also take a gamble and give content creation a try. YouTube has been the launchpad for millions of people to build online careers. For the past few years, family vlogs and fun challenges with kids have taken the world by storm. Even if your channel doesn’t take off, there’s nothing to lose as filming videos is a great family-friendly pastime.

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Selling DIY creations

If you’re a crafter by heart and love immersing yourself in hobbies such as sewing, crochet, jewelry-making, and more, then you can liquidate some of your creations by selling them online. There’s a huge market for DIY products, prompting larger-scale artists to open brick-and-mortar stores to cater to this demand. However, you can run your DIY business completely online through free-to-use platforms such as Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and Shopee.

As a single mom, you can take advantage of your business’ DIY aspect by offering made-to-order products. Essentially, customers will have to place an order before you start production–a great way to avoid accumulating unsold stock while preventing burnout by only catering to a limited number of orders at a time. The only challenge would be completing the orders by the promised deadline, which is important for customers who purchase your goods for special events.

Party planning

Some parents will go thousands of miles and beyond to ensure that their precious child’s special day is a fun and memorable experience. As a mom yourself, you might feel the same. If you’ve got a knack for planning your kids’ parties and can commit to planning parties for other families, then it might be a good idea to get into the business of party planning.

It takes plenty of time and coordination between various people to plan a party, so it’s not a business that’ll work out for everyone’s schedule. But if you’ve got extra time on your hands, then give this business idea a try!

The key to a successful party-planning business is word-of-mouth advertising. Most parents ask friends for recommendations, so if you can plan one party that impresses the attendees, then it should give you exposure for more bookings later on. As a single mom with many other responsibilities, it’s alright to keep the advertising minimal and maintain a manageable workload. But when the business takes off, then you can consider doing it full-time!

Selling homemade food

Selling homemade food and desserts is a popular low-cost and low-commitment business idea for single moms who love to cook or bake. You can put your culinary skills at work and advertise through social media or all your Viber groups–whatever floats your boat! Some popular food options that people have been purchasing in recent months include baked sushi, chocolate chip cookies, and everything made with ube–from spreads to pan de sal. Family-sized meals, diet-specific food, and custom cakes are also some saleable ideas you might want to try.

The only downside is that thousands of other home cooks have been venturing into this business, especially during the quarantine period. It can be difficult to amass a following but keep trying, and it’ll be worth it. You can deliver your goods through same-day delivery options such as Grab or Lalamove to prevent the food from perishing.

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If you have a knack for photography, then it may be a good idea to try making it a full-scale business. Baby, wedding, and maternity photoshoots are always in-demand but can be expensive when commissioned from a seasoned professional. Offering these services at a lower cost will make them accessible to lower-income families. All you need is a good camera and photography and photo retouching skills.

If space permits, you can build a home studio for specific photography sessions, such as family, newborn, and child photoshoots. Otherwise, you can rent a studio or a specific venue for special commissions. As these sessions are always scheduled, you can make them work around your availability and charge enough to cover the studio, travel, and talent costs. The best way to advertise a photography business is through social media and word-of-mouth.

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Personal trainer

There’s no doubt that the fitness craze has resulted in millions of people hitting the gym. If you found yourself falling in love with working out and keeping yourself in shape, then you might as well make a business out of it. Personal training is reasonably high in demand and doesn’t require significant time and financial commitment–all you need to pay for is a monthly gym membership, and you’re all set. You can always be upfront about your availability to the client and find a common time that works for both of you.

You’re likely to need 2-3 clients a month to make the profit worth it. As most people only keep a trainer for a limited number of sessions, you’ll also need to advertise through word-of-mouth and social media aggressively. Starting a fitness Instagram will be beneficial in attracting a client base.

Opening a franchise

Starting a business doesn’t have to be from scratch. Some companies are open to franchisers, which are owned by other stakeholders. Large fast food and convenience store chains operate through this business model–you may be interested in giving it a try. You can start with a smaller food chain, which is often in the form of small kiosks in malls and streets.

Depending on the franchise you decide on, you may have to go through some training sessions to ensure that you run the business within the main branch’s standards. However, it shouldn’t take up a significant chunk of your time, especially if you opt for a small and easy-to-manage option. It can also be expensive to purchase the franchise’s rights, so you may want to look into franchise-specific loans to help fund your capital.

Final thoughts

Being a single mom is tough, but don’t let that stop you from doing more to make your family’s life more comfortable and secure your kids’ future. Even a small income boost goes a long way, so don’t shy away from the idea of starting a business. Pick one that involves doing what you love so that it feels less like work and more like a pastime!

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