Livin’ large on a budget: How to not overspend

Nicole Si
Feb 3, 2018
Livin’ large on a budget: How to not overspend

Technology has made it easier to shop these days. However, the easier it is to shop, the harder it is to fight the temptation to overspend. We’ve listed below some tips that you can use to lessen your spending:


Savings should be your top priority in your finances. Transfer a position of your income to your savings account every month. Avoid spending your savings impulsively by setting it aside in your savings account. This can develop into a habit of setting your savings aside which can give you peace of mind knowing that you are spending your money wisely.


Shop with cash. Shopping using electronic means is hard to keep track of because you won’t have a direct sense of how much you spent. Use cash as much as possible for routine expenses which should be subject to a budget allowance amount. Once you run through your budget for the week, you can easily keep track of your expenses.


Try to limit using your credit cards. Put your credit or debit cards in a secure place and use them only when making a budgeted purchase. Don’t carry it with you all the time.


When buying things, always do a three-price comparison. To help you find a better and discount, don’t hesitate to do a little research and shopping. Online coupons and vouchers are also helpful. It is important to slow down whenever we are spending to help wear off the impulse to buy. Slowing down helps you give more time to think and evaluate your financial decisions.

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