Investing: A great way to grow your money

Nicole Si
Jul 22, 2019
Investing: A great way to grow your money

With so many types of investments to choose from, you may be having some difficulties in deciding which is right for you. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared a guide that will walk you through the five common types of investment.

Before we get started, let us discuss first what is investing. Investing is how you grow your money to secure your future and achieve your long-term financial goals such as your children’s education or for your retirement. You may be thinking that for you to accomplish these things, you should be saving. The thing is, saving alone cannot build your wealth because the interest rate is so low that your earnings would be reasonably negligible. Investment, on the other hand, aimed at securing your future as it generates higher returns than a regular savings account.

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If you want to secure your future and achieve financial freedom, any excess money that you won’t be using should be put into an investment since it will make your money work for you.  But before you start considering, know, and learn all your options.


Buying stocks means you’ll become an owner or shareholder of the corporation and will be part of the company’s success. Although this is not guaranteed all the time, the basic principle is that when a company grows its money, you also build your wealth. And the good news is, these publicly traded companies are experts at making money. You must do a lot of research or look for what is commonly called “blue-chip stocks”, which means stocks that come from a reputable and well-known company. These stocks are the safest investment, as they have a proven accomplishment and performance history.


While buying stocks allows you to own a piece of the company, being a mutual funds investor enables you to pick a basket containing portions of shares purchased from different companies. It is operated by a professional fund manager who allocates the fund’s assets and attempts to produce income for the fund’s investors. This type of investment is suitable for those who are starting. Below are the different types of Mutual Funds:

  • Stock/Equity Funds
  • Bond Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • Money Market Funds


If you have savings and a time deposit account but looking for some ways to strengthen your extra savings – bonds could be the perfect and ideal investment for you. It is commonly issued by the government and private corporations whenever they want to raise money. Buying a bond means you’re giving the issuer a loan and they will pay you back the face value of the investment on a specific date as well as the periodic interest payments.


Having insurance is another way to get an investment wherein your contributions lead to compensation. Insurance plans can be your source of income when you retire and meant to be financial protection for your family, should a disaster happen to you. There are varieties of insurance plans, and this includes Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Disability Insurance, and even Education Insurance. Insurance is essential. Just know what to get, when and which company to get.


A Variable Universal Life, commonly known as VUL, is a plan that can double your investment. You protect the people who depend on you (your children or your parents) against financial difficulties in case something terrible happens, or you die too soon.  Aside from that, you also earn profits from the money you put each month. This investment can be excellent for Millenials who are having hard time-saving money. They can access the funds after a certain number of years, which can be their source of finance during financial difficulties.

Since you now know the basics, you might be telling yourself that you’ll invest once you have a higher salary. Any wise investor will tell you that the best time to invest is now. Let your money grow from the compounding interest that you’ll build slowly but surely. With that said, it doesn’t matter how you do it or whether you invest in a stock, mutual funds, or bond because the goal is the same: Invest to grow your money!

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