Businesses you can start with P1,000 capital

Nicole Si
Sep 17, 2020
Businesses you can start with P1,000 capital

The pandemic has been — and still is — hard on everyone. With companies closing down and people losing jobs or dealing with pay cuts, the new normal is far from struggle-free. Regardless of whether you’re still employed, a full-time mom, or a student, any extra source of cash is undoubtedly helpful. You may have considered starting a business, but haven’t moved forward with a solid plan because of the lack of capital. However, did you know that it’s entirely possible to start your own business with only P1,000?

As gimmicky as it sounds, there’s so much you can do with a small capital, some supplies, a sprinkle of creativity, and a little bit of word-of-mouth or online advertising.

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DIY Keychains

The stay-at-home madness has been a blessing for creative souls, as it’s given them plenty of time to hone their craft or start a new hobby. Felt is a fun, cheap, and easy-to-use material that’s great for making plushies, keychains, and other soft crafts. With the trusty Shopee as your supplier, you can purchase yards of felt, thread, and cotton fiber filling to bring your favorite characters to life. A yard of felt costs about P200 or less, while the filling costs about P25 for 100 grams.

You can price keychains at P50 and plushies at P200 or more. It’s a fun, student-friendly business that you can advertise online and through word-of-mouth to friends and family. Alternative creative businesses that you can start under P1,000 include slime, crochet, and polymer clay crafts.


Summer has passed, and while the rain has been falling non-stop in the metro, nothing beats the neverending humidity with a classic palamig. There are plenty of options from fruit shakes to the Filipino favorite buko pandan and gulaman, juices, and more. Some wholesalers offer palamig business packages for P1,000-P2,000 — complete with acrylic containers, scoops, milk powders, and flavor extracts. Alternatively, you can also start with store-bought supplies. Fresh fruits, milk, and ice are some of the primary ingredients that you can work with.

If you live in a residential neighborhood, you can set up a makeshift store in front of your house to attract neighbors. You can also jump in on your neighborhood Viber group chat and advertise your business and fulfill orders from home — it’s a safe way to keep the business going in these trying times.

Homemade dessert

Palamig is a fun business idea, but if you prefer a complete at-home business to stay safe, consider selling dessert instead. It’s a wonderful way to beat the heat, but you can place food items in containers or have them delivered through Grab, Lalamove, Angkas, and the lot, essentially expanding your market.

With a P1,000 capital, you can sell buko pandan, a chocolate buko pandan variation with milo, no-bake float cakes, leche frita, churros, ice candy, and more. The options are endless and dependent on what you already have at home. For instance, if you have an oven, then you can bake chewy chocolate chip cookies, which have been popular lately. Otherwise, you can opt for refrigerated or deep-fried desserts.

With a dessert business, targeting a large market is key, so advertise your products through word-of-mouth and social media. Moreover, as with any food business, you want to get the most bang for your buck, so try to source your supplies from wholesalers or markets.


Cellphone load

A cellphone load business is super easy and achievable with a P1,000 capital as long as you have an existing phone. You can apply for a load business through a third-party company that caters to this line of work. A tip is to choose a popular network in your area and offer load exclusively for that network, as it’s more expensive to cater to a wider range of cellular providers.

Cellphone load is more important than ever because people are spending more idle time at home or are working or learning from home and need access to mobile data. If you live in an area where most residents rely on mobile data, your load services will certainly be well-used.

Clothing rental

If you have formal clothing or costumes collecting dust in your closet, you can open a mini clothing rental business. While there aren’t many events happening in these times, some people are still hosting mini weddings and celebrations, so there’s still a demand for a budget-friendly formal dress option.

Clothing rental businesses can be a little risky because some borrowers are irresponsible. It’s harder for micro-businesses to make up for any losses, so it’s important to set-up a collateral or downpayment system to protect the value of the clothing you’re lending. The capital cost will only have to cover dry-cleaning and possible alterations.

Starting a business in these pandemic-fueled times is tough, but with a small capital and a drive to earn, you’ll surely make it through the difficult start-up phase.

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