6 Ways to pay off your loans and live debt-free

Ailene Amaro
Sep 20, 2017
6 Ways to pay off your loans and live debt-free

Unpaid debt can keep you up at night and can bring stress. If you think paying off debt is hard, worry not because it is actually easier than you think. You just have to be persistent and be informed on how to repay your debt – no matter how big that amount is. Being debt-free is rewarding and can lead your life to a better path. Here are the ways how you can start repaying your debts:

List debts by interest rate

You should start by listing your debts from the smallest to the largest amount. Next step should be listing them from highest to lowest interest rate. The debt with the highest interest rate is the one costing you the most, hence, it should be paid off first. Start with the highest interest rate debt and end with the smallest interest rate.

Always make minimum monthly payments

In order to avoid paying higher interest and penalty fees, always be on schedule with your minimum payments. Since you should start with the highest interest rate, pay more than the minimum for that debt. You can then make minimum payments on your other debts.

Cut down on your expenses

The key solution to paying down debt immediately is to cut your expenses as much as you can. An effective tool you can use is a bare-bones budget. You will have to cut your expenses as low as possible and live on a little budget for as long as you can.

Sell any unnecessary items

If you have stuff in your house that you don’t really need and is only taking up too much space, you can sell it and use the money to pay off some of your debts. This can really help in decreasing your financial burden. There are many ways how you can sell these items; you can either do a garage sale, sell it online, or join a yard sale.

Earn extra cash

Utilize your talent or skill to earn extra cash. You can babysit, clean houses or be a virtual assistant. Onlinejobs.ph and upwork.com are one of the many sites you can visit if you want an online job. You can use the money that you will earn on your side job to pay off your loans.

Stay out of expensive habits

Evaluating your habits can be effective if you are in debt and always short in cash. Track your expenses daily so you know where your money goes. Always evaluate your purchases and don’t forget to come up with ways on how to minimize your purchases or giving up some items that are not worth it.

To sum it all up

Whether it’s a credit card debt, car loan, personal loan, or whatever it is, you always have a way out of it. If you create a plan and stick with it, you are on your way to a debt-free future.

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